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Backup Tab

Table of contents
  1. 1. Backup Tab
    1. 1.1. Accessing the Backup Tab

Backup Tab

The Backup tab lets you configure and edit backup sets. The six sub-tasks under the Backup tab let you specify the parameters of the currently selected backup set:

 Backup Sub-Tasks

  • Backup What specifies what host system and directories to include in the backup set.
  • Backup Where specifies the target device for the backup (i.e., tape, hard disk, etc.)
  • Backup When specifies the scheduling parameters for Amanda's intelligent scheduling.
  • Backup How specifies the type of backup to be performed (full or incremental).

Once this information has been specified,

  • Backup Activate enables the backup set to be executed.
  • Backup Verify takes you to the ZMC Verify page, which lets you verify backup sets and other parameters of the Amanda configuration.

Links in the above list of sub-tasks take you to more detailed descriptions of those pages. 

Accessing the Backup Tab

Tabs in the Zmanda Console Manager start functioning only after a backup set is selected. If you cannot access the tab, make sure at least one backup set exists and is selected.

Fig. 1  Selecting a Backup Set

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