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Amanda Enterprise 4.0 Release Notes


Amanda Enterprise 4.0 Release Notes


We are happy to introduce Zmanda 4.0 – the most secure backup solution in the market, capable of managing clustered environments for multiple locations. Zmanda Backup provides flexible storage options: NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, cloud: such as  AWS, Wasabi, and Google. It is a one-stop solution to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

What’s New?

Amanda Enterprise Servers Cluster: 

Centralized management to manage clustered environments for multiple locations.

Data De-duplication: 

Reduced storage costs and backup sizes with data de-duplication.

AWS Glacier: 

Support for long-term storage using AWS Glacier, reducing storage costs.

Centralized License Management: 

Deploy licenses to all Amanda Enterprise servers (multi-location) from a single-window (ZMC).

Custom Roles: 

Advanced administration capabilities.

VMWare API Upgrade: 

Upgraded API integrations for VMWare clients (Support to 6.7).


TLS 1.2 Support.

Operating Systems: 

New versions of OS clients can be found here.


New versions of database clients can be found here.

Virtual Machines: 

New versions of VM clients can be found here


New versions of Application clients can be found here.

Fixed Issues:

Auto Labeling of Tapes Strategy: In certain scenarios, options “only if empty, only if Amanda labels not found & Only if labeled for a different backup set” are picking the incorrect tapes for labeling (ZMAN-672, 673, 674, 675).

Backup Status Icon in Reports: 

In certain scenarios, the failed icon is shown even when the backups are successful in reports (ZMAN-495).

Staging Data Flush: 

In certain scenarios, clicking the Flush button leading to a UI crash (ZMAN-496).

Backup Jobs Status:

 In certain scenarios, the monitor page shows Backup Jobs as failed when backups are configured to be only written to Staging Area (ZMAN-498, 503).

Staging for S3 backups: 

In certain scenarios, unable to stage data while backing to S3 (ZMAN-523).

NDMP Restores:

In certain scenarios, restore is failing when Restore All option is selected (ZMAN-507).

VM Snapshot Backup and Restore via VCenter:  

In certain scenarios, the backup of VM attempted via VCenter throwing ‘Snapshot Not Found’ error (ZMAN-513, 515, 517).

NDMP Backup and Restore: 

In certain scenarios, unable to exclude files while configuring NDMP DLE (ZMAN-544,551).

Duplicate Label: 

In certain scenarios, recycling vault media creates duplicate labels on tape (ZMAN-635).

Prune Option:

In certain scenarios, unable to prune data using the prune button on the backup-media page (ZMAN-652).

Oracle Hot backup: 

In certain scenarios, when a user tries to take a hot backup of the Oracle database the VSS writers are breaking at the windows client-side (ZMAN-423).

Known Issues:

NDMP Backup:

In specific scenarios, snapshots for failed NDMP backups are not deleted automatically (ZMAN-595). For a workaround, please click here.

Tape Library: 

In specific scenarios, auto-numbering of tape drive slots is not happening when more than one tape drive is present on the AE system (ZMAN-497). For workaround, please click here.











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