Step 3: Add Sources

How to add sources and link them to Backup Sets.

Data, data, data. You have a lot of data in a lot of different places. Whether your data is stored on a bare-metal Linux or Windows server, a VM, database, or file share, Zmanda has you covered. Follow along for how to add your data sources within the ZMC console, and link them to a Backup Set.

See the below table for the sources supported by Zmanda. Please go see our full compatibility matrix for a complete list along with version information. If you don't see a source or version that you are looking for, please contact [email protected], and we will let you know if we have plans to support your desired workload.


CentOS Debian Fedora Oracle Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (server & desktop)

Rocky Linux Suse Linux Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Desktop

Virtualization Platforms

Hyper-V Cluster & Hyper-V Windows Server

VMware vSphere


Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server


Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Server on Linux Oracle Server on Solaris

Oracle Server on Windows PostgreSQL

File shares


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