Zmanda 4.2 Release Notes

  • Immutable Backups with AWS and Wasabi Storage: Protect your data against Ransomware Attacks through a seamless integration with immutable storage capabilities of AWS and Wasabi.
  • Global Exclusion Policies for Linux Backups: Create global policies to exclude specific files or folders using full paths or regular expressions across all Linux systems backups.
  • Docker Container for Zmanda: Skip the installation process and setup Zmanda in few steps in container format.
  • New Client OS Versions released: Updated Zmanda agents for RHEL 9, Rocky Linux 9, Debian 11, and Windows 11 operating systems.
  • Bulk Actions for Zmanda setup utility: New utility to simplify tasks for the setup of Sources, Backupsets, Schedules, Storages and Backup Servers in bulk in a single operation.
  • Security Enhancements: Upgraded components for Zmanda to harden the product against security vulnerabilities.

Fixed Issues

  • Backup & Restore:
    • Guide for Timeout values based on the number of files/directories for a given backupset to avoid timeouts resulting in backup failures.
    • Port Ranges in Backup How and global configuration updated to avoid using system reserved ports.
    • Cloud - GCP - Backup and Restores stabilized to support backups up to 5TB per Source/DLE.
    • Cloud - AWS and S3 - Backup and Restores stabilized to support backups up to 5TB per Source/DLE.
    • Cloud - Azure - Backup and Restores stabilized to support backups up to 5TB per Source/DLE.
    • Cloud Backup session management fixed for AWS and Azure to keep the restore operations running in the event of an interruption of connectivity.
  • Backupsets:
    • Clone Backupset fix for scenarios where ‘Clone Backupset Storage’ option is not selected.
  • Log:
    • Optimized log rotation policy.
  • Sources:
    • Two or more sources cannot be created with the same configuration details.
    • VMWare discovery fix to correctly pass the username and password to complete the addition of the sources.
    • Exclusion Paths fix for Windows and Linux filesystems using both full path and relative path.
  • Tape:
    • Tape module enhancement to avoid locks for tapes in corner cases.
  • Storage:
    • Hyphen characters (consecutive) now supported in storage paths.

Known Issues

  • Windows Restore:
    • Restores fail when trying to recover to “C:/Users” path.
  • Cloud Storage Restore:
    • Backups for DLEs larger than 5TB fail to be restored.
  • Upgrade/Migration - AWS and Wasabi Backup:
    • Backupsets using AWS or Wasabi as storage created on versions prior to Zmanda 4.2 can’t be reconfigured or backedup.
  • NDMP Source Creation:
    • Source creation is failing when the password is pasted in the pop-up
  • SUSE Client:
    • The installation of SUSE Client binaries failing on SUSE 12.
  • Solaris Client:
    • Backups are failing when they are encrypted at Client in Solaris 11.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 Client:
    • Backups created using Custom compression fail to be restored.
    • Backup Port (10080) is not starting upon installation of Ubuntu 22.04 client agent binaries.