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Configure Single Sign-on in Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Single sign-on (SSO) enables users from your organization to access Zmanda Endpoint using their corporate credentials. To configure SSO for your organization, follow the detailed guide below:

Configure Single Sign-on

The owner and IT administrator can follow the below steps to configure SSO.
Step 1. Log in to Zmanda Sentinel and click Single sign-on from the left navigation bar.
Step 2. Copy SP entity ID and SP ACS URL and paste them into your organization’s SAML application.
Step 3. Once you have the IdP SSO target URL and signing certificate or IdP metadata URL, click Edit configuration.
Step 4. You can add all the relevant IdP details and click Review to proceed.
Step 5. Review the information and tick the checkbox to confirm the validity of the details entered. Click Configure SAML SSO button to proceed.
Step 6. On successful configuration, you will see a message confirming the same on your screen. Click Done to close the frame.

Signing-in After Configuring SSO

Once the owner or IT administrator has configured SSO, they need to follow the below steps to sign in to Zmnada Sentinel the first time.
Step 1. Log in to Zmanda Sentinel using your company’s credentials.
Step 2. On successful sign-in, you will see a pop-up for Account Linking. Click Continue to proceed.
Step 3. Add those credentials utilized for accessing Zmanda Sentinel prior to setting up SSO.
All the users added before configuring SSO should follow the above account linking process to log in to Zmanda Sentinel.
Ensure you add email as a claim/attribute while setting up SAML on your idP.
Ensure your idP is configured to send the email attribute in lower case.