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Guide for Resellers: How to Use Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Resellers can use Zmanda Endpoint Backup (ZEB) to build their service offering and sell it to customers, providing simple, effective backup for corporate Windows laptops and desktops. As a reseller, you will have the ability to buy Zmanda Endpoint licenses at a discount and resell them to your customers, earning recurring revenue.
By following this detailed guide, resellers can easily sign up for Zmanda Endpoint Backup, onboard their customers, and efficiently manage billing and subscriptions.

Signing-up for Zmanda Endpoint Backup as a Reseller

Resellers can sign up for Zmanda Endpoint Backup using the Zmanda Sentinel platform. You, as a partner, can get a 30-day trial and 5 licenses when you sign-up for Zmanda Endpoint Backup.
A company can only sign up as a partner once. If your company has already signed up, please contact Zmanda support for assistance, as the sign-up process will not work in such cases.
Follow the steps below to sign up as a reseller for Zmanda Endpoint Backup.
Step 1: Open Zmanda Sentinel Partner Sign Up on your browser.
Step 2: Click the Sign up link.
Step 3: Fill in all the required details on the sign-up page.
Step 4: Read the terms and conditions and tick the checkbox next to 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions'.
Step 5: Click the Create account button.
Step 6: You will receive an email with access credentials.
Step 7: Log in to the Zmanda Sentinel account using your credentials.
At this point, you’ve successfully created a Control Account. Using your Control Account, you can create partner users, onboard your customers, and more.
The sign-up process is now complete. After successful sign-up, you can begin onboarding customers and can start managing licenses for them.

How to Onboard Customers

Once you sign up as a reseller, you can can onboard their customers and manage licenses for them using Zmanda Endpoint Backup. This section will help you with the steps to onboard partner customers.
Note: To onboard customers, you must ensure you’re in the Control Account.
Step 1: Once you’re in the Control Account, click the Organizations option in the left navigation panel.
Step 2: Click the Create organization button.
Step 3: Add the organization name (customer name) and make sure it is unique for every customer you onboard.
Step 4: Assign the partner admin for the customer. This step is optional for resellers, and if partner users are not yet created, you can skip this step.
Step 5: Assign the partner finance admin for the customer. This step is optional for resellers, and if partner users are not yet created, you can skip this step.
Note: The Owner or Partner Finance Administrator can buy licenses for your customers.
You can assign Partner Administrators and Partner Finance Administrators later by modifying onboarded customers or partner users.
Step 6: Review the onboarded customer and click the Save changes button to finish the process.
Step 7: Click Close to exit the frame.
You’ve successfully created a Customer Account. You can switch to a Customer Account via the drop-down on the top left section on Sentinel. Once you switch to a Customer Account, you can purchase licenses and add users to that customer organization.
All owners are assigned to all onboarded customers by default.
You can always modify onboarded customers later.

Adding an Administrator to a Customer Organization

Resellers can onboard multiple customers to manage their licenses for them. These customers can have users that can be added to Zmanda Sentinel. There are two types of customer users and they are:-
  • Administrator - Administrators can manage backups, users, and other configurations on Zmanda Sentinel. However, they cannot make any billing or subscription-related changes.
  • End User - End User can view their first-level backups, restore required files, and view downloads and linked devices.
You can follow the detailed instructions below to add an administrator to the customer organization.
Note: To add an administrator to a specific customer organization, you must switch to their account from the left navigation panel.
Step 1: Once you switch to the customer account, click the Users option.
Step 2: Click the Add user button.
Step 3: Add the information of the new user. This includes their first name, last name, and email address.
Step 4: Click Next to proceed.
Step 5: Assign the product license to the newly added user and click Next to proceed.
Step 6: In the next screen, assign the Administrator role to the user.
Step 7: Click Next to assign a new user group to the user. If you do not assign a new User Group, the user will continue to be a part of the Default group.
To learn more about creating a user group, refer to the guide here.
Step 8: Select the user group for the user and click Next.
Step 9: You can view all the details about the newly added administrator. Click Finish once done.
Step 10: Click Close to exit the screen.
Once you’ve added an Administrator, users can be onboarded for that organization by that administrator.

Manage Billing, Subscription, and Licenses for Customers

Once you’ve assigned an administrator, the administrator can onboard users and manage Endpoint for their organization. Resellers can add payment methods, purchase licenses, and upgrade cloud storage for their customers by going through the detailed guide here.
Now that Zmanda Endpoint Backup (ZEB) is configured and ready to use, you may use it to your full advantage as a reseller to serve your clients with ease.