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How to Create User Groups

The User Group functionality in Zmanda Endpoint enables you to classify users into specific groups, which can be based on their team affiliation or the data they need to back up.
You can follow the instructions below to create user groups in Zmanda Sentinel.
Note: It is important to create a backup template in advance to assign it to the newly formed user group.
Step 1: Log in to Zmanda Sentinel using your credentials.
Step 2: Navigate to the User Groups section.
Step 3: Click the Create user group button.
Step 4: When the User Group window appears, add the name for the user group.
Step 5: Select the users you want to add to the group by ticking the checkbox next to their email ids.
You can also search for users using the search box.
The table also displays the group that the user is currently a part of. If you add the user to a new group, they will be removed automatically from their current group.
It is important to note that each user can only be a member of one group.
Step 6: Once changes are made, click Next to proceed.
Step 7: Select the backup template you want to assign to the created user group.
If you want to add or remove any user after selecting the backup template, you can click the Back button and make those changes.
Step 8: Click the Create group button.
You can now view the created user group in the table and can modify, rename, or delete it as required.
The backup template assigned to a particular group determines the backup configuration for all users that are a part of that group.