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How to Modify User Groups

You can make changes to the existing user groups when required. This includes changing the group name, adding or removing users, and changing the primary backup template for a group.
Removing users from a user group will not delete their accounts on Zmanda Sentinel.
Follow the instructions below to modify the user group and make the required changes. Only the owner and IT admin can modify the user group.
Step 1: Log in to Zmanda Sentinel using your credentials.
Step 2: Click the User Groups options.
Step 3: Click the 3 dots next to the user group that needs to be modified and select Modify group.
Step 4: When the Modify User Group window shows up, you can change the group name or add and remove users.
Step 5: Once these changes are done, click Next.
Step 6: You can change the assigned backup template and click the Modify group button to save the changes.
The user group is now modified.