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Ransomware Protection in Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Zmanda Endpoint Backup's ransomware protection feature safeguards your backed-up files from corruption by preventing ransomware intrusion.
If a file infected with ransomware is in the queue to be backed up, Zmanda Endpoint Backup will automatically pause the backup process specifically for that file. This means that files with ransomware extensions are not included in the backup, ensuring the protection of your storage from corruption. Nonetheless, all other files are backed up without any interruption.
You can view the ransomware files through the Zmanda Endpoint Backup desktop agent by following the steps below:
Step 1: Open the system tray on your Windows PC and click the Zmanda Endpoint Backup icon.
Step 2: Click the Alerts tab.
Step 3: You can find the ransomware file(s) under the Ransomware alerts section.
If Zmanda identifies certain files displaying ransomware characteristics, it will send an email notification to the administrators. In the absence of administrators within the organization, this email will be directed to the owner.
This email provides information such as the count of identified files, the name of the impacted user, and the user's device name.
If you encounter ransomware alerts on your Zmanda Endpoint desktop application, it is strongly recommended to promptly scan your computer for malware and take the necessary measures to eliminate any infected files.
You can expect solid security against ransomware attacks with this feature.