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Zmanda Endpoint Backup User Management and Subscription Management

This guide provides a comprehensive explanation of these features to assist you in efficiently managing backups.
The Subscription Management and User Management features can enhance the management of organizational backups.

User Management Feature of Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Zmanda Endpoint Backup has introduced four roles under the user management feature. They are:-
The owner is the one who signs up for Zmanda Endpoint Backup using Zmanda Sentinel. They also have capabilities to perform operations of administrator and finance administrator.
The IT administrator can manage end-users and backups, as well as configure SSO using Zmanda Sentinel.
Finance Administrator
The Finance Administrator can make all billing-related purchases. They can make payments and add payment methods using their Zmanda Sentinel when required.
End users can see their linked devices, perform a restore, and view downloads through Zmanda Sentinel.
Role-based access control makes the handling of backups easy in the organization.

Subscription Management Feature of Zmanda Endpoint Backup

With the Subscription Management feature, users can easily be assigned or unassigned licenses. The storage plans can be also upgraded as needed by the organization.