Devices View for Zmanda Endpoint Backup

The Devices section on the Zmanda Sentinel can help you view all the devices being backed up via Zmanda Endpoint Backup in the organization at once. You can view the device’s name, storage used, and also the associated user’s email id on your screen.
This view can be accessed by clicking Devices from the left navigation panel.
This section offers you many useful features that can help you view devices.
Search Bar - You can search for a specific device or email id to get details about it. To view all the devices again, just clear the text in the search bar.
Choose columns - This option lets you customize the columns of the table as per your requirements. You can select the columns of your choice to selectively view the required information; this can save space on your screen by showing only the information that is vital to you.
When you click the Choose Columns option, you will see both columns selected by default.
You can modify this default selection and choose any one column to display devices. To select the column, tick the checkbox next to it.
If you just wish to see the Device name, you can uncheck both columns from the Choose Columns option.
Resizable columns - You can resize all the columns as per your wish. For example, if you wish to view the full email id, you can just resize the Email column.
If any column is not showing full data, you can hover over the partly visible data to view it fully.
This feature makes it easy to track the devices being backed up by Zmanda Endpoint Backup in your organization and also the storage used by each device.