Save Storage With Deduplication in Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Zmanda Endpoint Backup introduces a deduplication feature on the user level to help you save storage while backing up your crucial data. It will help employees save time and storage costs while backing up pictures, videos, and documents.
Deduplication excludes redundant copies of data from your backups. When the duplicate data is uploaded to the storage on each backup run, it can exponentially increase your storage consumption. However, with deduplication, the storage cost will be reduced, and storage efficiency will be enhanced.
Let’s see how deduplication works with an example.
Suppose employees are working on a project that requires them to use multiple versions of the same document, such as a report or proposal. And each time a new version is created, it is saved and backed up. With data deduplication, only the unique versions of the document are stored, eliminating the need to back up multiple copies of the same document. This can save both time and storage space.
The same concept will work in the case of pictures and videos. Many employees may take multiple pictures and videos of the same event or location. With data deduplication, only unique pictures and videos are stored, reducing the amount of storage needed for backups. This can also improve the speed of backups, as there is fewer data to transfer.
Additionally, data deduplication can also help with the archiving of old data. As only the unique data is kept in the storage medium, the archival data is much smaller in size which makes it more manageable. The overall time required to find the data is also reduced.
However, rest assured you won’t lose any data during the restoration process, as everything is referenced correctly. With Zmanda Endpoint Backup your data is in safe hands.
To summarize here, our data-deduplication feature can help employees save time and storage costs by eliminating redundant copies of data and storing only unique data files. This can result in significant savings along with improved data management and faster backups.