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Archive to AWS Glacier Tiers

A guide on how to automatically migrate your data from S3 Standard tiers to Glacier after a configured period
Zmanda now supports integration with the following AWS Glacier storage classes:
  • S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval
  • S3 Glacier Flexible Access
  • S3 Glacier Deep Archive
The enhanced integration with Amazon Lifecycle policies enables Zmanda users to define & configure which of these three storage classes are to be used to store their backed-up data from the Zmanda Management Console. This will help transition data automatically while reducing long-term storage costs.


  • Active Amazon Web Services account with S3 Storage enabled.
  • AWS Storage set-up as a target in ZMC Storage.
You can follow the below steps to configure the transition period for selected AWS Glacier storage classes. Step 1 - Select the backupset or backupsets for which you want to use AWS S3 storage as the target (if there is no AWS S3 storage information in ZMC, as defined in pre-requisites, please add the storage option and retry this step).
Step 2 - Once the backupset/s are configured to use AWS S3 Storage as the target for your backups, access the Configuration option for the backupset.
Open Configuration for Backup Set
Step 3 - Navigate to the Backup Where tab in the Backupset Configuration screen and click the Lifecycle Policies button.
Click on Lifecycle Rules
Step 4 - Define the storage classes you want to use to store your backups and the configuration that defines the transition period for each of the selected storage classes.
Configure Lifecycle Rules
You can initiate an ad-hoc backup run or let the scheduler run it for you.
Once the backup job completes, the backup run will automatically use the configurations defined in Step 4 to transition your data based on the defined periods (in days).
Additional Information
If you want to learn more about Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes, please refer to: