Step 1: Adding a User

In Zmanda Pro, user profiles play a crucial role in encryption and key management, serving as a security boundary. The decryption of backups becomes unattainable without the corresponding user credentials.

To ensure maximum security and optimal performance, you should create a unique user for each device that you wish to onboard. We provide bulk-automation scripts that allow you to onboard hundreds of devices at a time. For more information, see the hyperlinked article above, or contact us at [email protected]

The User Profile offers various configurations, including the adjustment of time zone and language settings on the client software, enabling 2FA for end-users, and configuring email reports.

How to add a user:

  • Navigate to the Users page through the Accounts menu.

  • Click the Add user button, and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the necessary fields as prompted.

  • Upon the successful addition of a new user, you will be automatically redirected to the user's account page.

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