Zmanda Pro Job Statuses

This guide explains the various job statuses you might encounter when using our service to manage backups, restores, or updates for your databases. These statuses provide valuable information about the success or completion of these operations.

Where to Find Job Statuses:

  • Job Report Page: Once a backup, restore, or update job is initiated, you can access a detailed report page that will display the current status.

  • Job History Page: The job history page provides a list of all past jobs, including their corresponding statuses.

Understanding Different Job Statuses:

  • Success: This indicates that the job completed fully and all operations were carried out without errors.

  • Running: This means the job is currently in progress and actively performing the backup, restore, or update task.

  • Running (revived): In rare cases, a job might have been mistakenly identified as stopped but resumes running and updates the server with its status.

  • Warning: The job finished, but there might have been minor issues that could potentially affect the expected outcome. It's recommended to review the job report for more details.

  • Error: The job encountered a problem during execution and couldn't be completed successfully. You'll find more information about the error within the job report to help identify the cause.

  • Quota Exceeded: This occurs during backups if the total storage space used for all protected items or the designated storage vault reaches its limit.

  • Missed: The job wasn't triggered at its scheduled time. This could be due to various reasons, and the job report might provide further explanation.

  • Cancelled: The job was terminated either manually, due to a device shutting down unexpectedly, or because the backup time limit was reached.

  • Skipped: Our service might skip a scheduled backup if another backup is already running and the "Skip if already running" option is enabled. This prevents redundant operations.

  • Abandoned: The job stopped unexpectedly or was purposefully marked as abandoned by an administrator.

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