Custom Reports

How to create custom reports for specific backup sets.
The various Report sub-tabs display backup run data from many perspectives. The CustomReports tab lets you create custom reports for a backup set and save them.
The Custom Reports page displays the results of backup set runs. In addition to the standard reports, you can configure and save your own custom report configurations. The results can be saved as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file for use in other applications and to generate graphical reports.

Custom Report Panel

The user need to navigate to custom reports page and then click on SELECTION CRITERIA. In that tab the user needs to select the required Backupset, select the required options for Media, Miscellaneous and Client or even all the options can be selected.
Choose the appropriate tab from the SELECTION CRITERIA pane to select which type of report you would like to create.
To create your own report, check the desired parameters from the custom reports panel, enter a name in the Select Backupset field and click Fetch Report Data.

Reports Custom Page Results

The Report Results displays the results of the report defined in the right panel in a table. Data can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers. You can save the report as a CSV file by clicking the Download table data as CSV button in the upper left. You can then use the CSV file in any application (spreadsheet, word processor, etc.) to generate print and PDF output.

Available Fields

  • Media Label
  • Write Time
  • Data Written
  • Media Utilization
  • Client Status
  • Client Failure Message
  • Client Hostname
  • Compressed Size
  • Write Speed
  • Type
  • Backup Size
  • Tape Duration
  • Total Parts
  • Backup Level
  • Backup Speed
  • Total DLEs
  • Directory
  • Backup Duration
  • Client Status
  • Client App