ZWC Silent Installation Guide

The silent installation of Zmanda Windows Client (ZWC) simplifies the deployment process, ensuring a smooth setup. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on using the msiexec command with specific properties for a successful silent installation.

To perform the installation of MSI (Microsoft Installer), you can use the following command:

/msiexec /i “Path to MSI“ PROPERTY1=Value1 PROPERTY2=Value2 … /qn


msiexec /i "Z:\New Msi\ZmandaClient-Desktop(x64).msi" CREATEAMANDALOCALUSER=1 AMANDAPASSWORD=amanda123 AMANDA_SERVER="" CLIENT_ADDRESS="" /qn

Mandatory properties for MSI configuration

  • Configure Amanda backup account:

    To run ZWC services, we use an account named amandabackup, which owns and runs these services. During the installation process, it is essential to either create this account or verify its credentials if the account already exists.

    Choose only one of the following properties based on the environment setup:

    • CREATEAMANDALOCALUSER=1: Use this option to create the account locally on the system where ZWC is being installed. This assumes that the account does not exist, prompting the installer to create it. If the account exists, it will attempt to verify the account password. Use VERIFYAMANDALOCALUSER to verify an existing account.

    • CREATEAMANDADOMAINUSER=1: Use this option to create the account on the domain where the client resides. Ensure the client has the necessary permissions on the domain for account creation. Alternatively, an administrator in the domain can create the account and use the VERIFYAMANDADOMAINUSER property. In this case, clients only need to verify the account. The domain user should be a part of the following memberships:

    • VERIFYAMANDALOCALUSER=1: Use this option to verify the password of the existing amandabackup user. This is useful during upgrades, ensuring that the account is not removed from the client.

    • VERIFYAMANDADOMAINUSER=1: Use this option to verify the password of the existing amandabackup user on the domain.

  • Password for Amanda backup account:

    AMANDAPASSWORD="password": Set the password for the amandabackup user. This must be entered regardless of the account creation or verification option.

  • Backup server address/FQDN:

    AMANDA_SERVER="": Specify the IP address or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the AE server. Multiple addresses can be specified by separating them with a comma.

  • Client source ID:

    CLIENT_ADDRESS="": Set the source name or ID of the client configured in the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC). This property configures the Dedup client, and the value should match the RabbitMQ queue name.

  • Change installation directory:

    INSTALLDIR="E:\Zmanda\": Modify the default installation directory, which is "C:\Program Files". Use the INSTALLDIR property to set a different installation directory.

By following this guide, users can effortlessly configure ZWC in diverse environments, enhancing their backup infrastructure.

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