Zmanda 4.1 Release Notes

Release notes for Zmanda versions 4.1.X
Backups created using Custom compression fail to be restored
Workaround: Perform backups using Client Fast/ Client Best / Server Fast / Server Best


  • Zmanda 4.1.2 is the latest Zmanda release with enhancements and defect fixes as described in these release notes.
  • Release 4.1.2 can be installed directly on any new system.
  • Customers currently on 3.6, 4.1(, or 4.1.1 ( can be upgraded to 4.1.2 by following the upgrade instructions.
For upgrade instructions, please refer to Upgrade - Zmanda Documentation.

New Features and Enhancements

  • License:
Introduced new enterprise-grade licensing for large deployments to support unlimited clients.
License enhancements to validate clients.
  • Restore:
Optimized the data restore process to reduce the Time to Recover.
  • Installation:
Virtual Backup Appliance (OVA format) is available for Zmanda 4.1.1 release for simpler & faster deployments.
Released new Windows Client (4.1.2)

Fixed Issues

  • Backup:
Fixed UI defects related to Backup Media page.
Fixed issue in ‘Backup What’ page, ‘Exclude Paths’ section, to support paths with spaces in the names.
  • Restore:
Fixed restore issue related to Windows System State backups.
  • Source:
Fixed ESXi issue where the application couldn’t accept ‘root’ as username for Hypervisor sources.
Fixed issue related to VMWare Discovery (checkhost) failures.
  • Tape:
Fixed issue related to expired media of tape storage.
Disabled auto-labeling functionality as it could cause non-expired tape backups to be re-written**.**
  • Cloud:
Fixed issue for Wasabi cloud backups for large system workloads.
  • License:
Fixed issue related to creating DLEs with ‘localhost’ hostname.
  • Installation:
Fixed installation issue related to services crashing due to IPV6 dependencies.

Known Issues

  • Restore:
Performance issues observed for Explore & Select with large numbers of files or directories.
Workaround: Please contact technical support
Issues observed when restoring data to 'C:/Users' directory in Windows Systems.
Workaround: Please choose a different directory when restoring data in Windows Systems.
  • Backup:
Exclude paths functionality is not working for Windows File System backups. The backup runs successfully but not excluding the defined paths.
Workaround: Please contact technical support
Incremental backups for Windows systems are triggering full backups instead.
Workaround: Please contact technical support
  • SUSE Client:
The installation of the latest SUSE client is failing on SUSE 12.
Workaround: Install SUSE client binaries
  • Solaris Client:
Backups are failing when they are encrypted at Client in Solaris 11
Workaround: Install 3.6 Solaris client binaries