Zmanda 5.0 Release Notes


  • Zmanda 5.0 is the latest release with new features and enhancements that upgrades the Zmanda backup and recovery experience.
  • With this release, we’re adding Client Side Data Deduplication, Zmanda Managed Cloud, and AWS Glacier storage classes compatibility and SSO support.
  • If you are an existing Zmanda customer, please refer to our upgrade instructions page.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Zmanda Cloud Storage: An integrated, simplified, and affordable cloud storage solution powered by Zmanda helps you reduce up to 80% cloud storage costs when compared to S3.
  • AWS Glacier Integration Enhancement: transition your data across Glacier Instant Retrieval, Flexible Retrieval, and Deep Archive based on lifecycle rules defined in Zmanda for more efficient cost management based on your needs.
  • SSO Integration: enable SSO login to manage Zmanda Management Console access using your Identity provider of choice like AzureAD, Okta, Auth0, and more.
  • Global Exclusion Policies for Windows Backups: Create global policies to exclude specific files or folders using full paths or regular expressions across all Windows systems backups.
  • KeyVault implementation for Secrets: security hardening for Zmanda, storing secrets in a Key Vault.
  • Cloud-Based Trial Environments: accelerate your trial experience through a ready-to-go cloud-hosted environment to jump straight into the action.
  • New Client Agents: now compatible with Fedora 36 and 37, Rocky Linux 7 and 8 versions.
  • Virtual Backup Appliance and AMI: use a virtual backup appliance for Zmanda Backup Server to simplify and speed up the deployment of your backup solution while also improving backup performance.
  • Launch of Zmanda Partner Portal: accessible on now.

Known Issues

Windows Restore:
  • Restores fail when trying to recover to the “C:/Users” path.
Cloud Storage Restore:
  • Backups for DLEs larger than 5TB fail to be restored.
Upgrade/Migration - AWS and Wasabi Backup:
  • Backup sets using AWS or Wasabi as storage created on versions prior to Zmanda 4.2 can’t be reconfigured or backed up.
NDMP Source Creation:
  • Source creation is failing when the password is pasted in the pop-up.
SUSE Client:
  • The installation of SUSE Client binaries is failing on SUSE 12.
Solaris Client:
  • Backups are failing when they are encrypted at Client in Solaris 11.
Ubuntu 22.04 Client:
  • Backups created using Custom compression fail to be restored.
  • Backup Port (10080) is not starting upon installation of Ubuntu 22.04 client agent binaries.