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Zmanda Patch Release Notes


  • We are pleased to introduce our latest patch release, Zmanda, which comes with new features, enhancements, and fixes to further refine your backup experience.
  • This patch aims to address specific issues and enhance the overall efficiency of your backup processes.
  • To ensure a smooth and effective installation of this patch, please refer to our update instructions article.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Optimized License Upload for Black Site Customers: Improved the license upload flow for black site customers to ensure successful license uploads. Notably, this enhancement ensures that the license is uploaded successfully without the ability to setup Zmanda Cloud Storage (ZCS).
  • Resolution of License Upload Issues: Resolved the license upload issue that occurred when attempting to upload a ZCS-enabled license on a machine that previously had a license uploaded. With this patch, the process now seamlessly accommodates the upload of ZCS-enabled licenses, mitigating any potential conflicts.
  • VMware Enhancements: Users can now update either ESX or vCenter-type VMware sources. By simply adding a new backup set, Zmanda will automatically create a new configuration for each backup set linked to the source.