Zmanda Patch Release Notes


  • We are pleased to introduce our latest patch release, Zmanda, which comes with enhancements and fixes to further refine your backup experience.
  • To ensure a smooth and effective installation of this patch, please refer to our update instructions article.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Expanded Source Capacity for S3 Backups: Backup sets now successfully accommodate over 10 sources when backing up to S3 Storage, ensuring reliable data protection for larger datasets.
  • Unified Backup of VMware Sources: Backup sets seamlessly handle VMs from 3 or more ESXi hosts, even with distinct ESXi credentials, streamlining the protection of diverse virtual environments.
  • Optimized Cloud Backup Speeds: The default speed per thread for cloud backups (AWS S3, S3 Compatible, Azure, etc.) has been increased to enhance backup efficiency, with the option for further customization within the ‘Backup Where’ page of each backup set.
  • Improved Handling of Deactivated DLEs during Backup Runs: Deactivated DLEs are now correctly ignored during backup runs, preventing unnecessary processing and potential errors.
  • Minor UI Enhancements: Enjoy a smoother and more intuitive user experience with various visual and functional improvements throughout the interface.